Dimitrios Vellis

Ohne Titel, 2019

290 ✕ 190 cm
commissioned by:
OK Klubinstitut im OÖ Kulturquartier

Ever seen a club lit up brightly after an ecstatic night? The darkroom photographed by Dimitrios Vellis brings to light activities pursued in the dark and thus normally hidden from sight. Depending on your own experiences and imagination, this installation may offer you an occasion for some intriguing speculations, allowing you to feel like a part of past events. Besides working as a visual artist, Dimitrios Vellis is also the organizer of the successful LGBTQ event series Schmusn at Solaris, which allows him to gather a wealth of impressions of nightly revelry.

*1983 in Hannover (DE),
lives and works in Linz.

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