Fabulous Future

Destination Center: Oasis, 2019

variable size
commissioned by:
OK Klubinstitut im OÖ Kulturquartier

Destination Center: Oasis is an immersive installation that creates a place of calm, a refuge after escaping from the club that invites visitors to congregate, sit, lie down, and bask in the warm light of an eternal sun on the horizon. The installation by Fabulous Future acts as an exaggerated universe, disrupting this unattainable promise of ultimate leisure, relaxation, and calm. A timeless room soaked in a constant sunrise and sunset – is the night beginning or is it ending?
Fabulous Future is an Amsterdam-based collective that brings together research, development, and the construction of spaces, events, and situations.

Fabulous Future are: Niels Albers, Malissa Anne Cañez Sabus, Gauthier Chambry, Naomi Credé, Liene Pavlovska, Mirko Podkowik, Rein Verhoef (NL)

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