Gerald Moser

the un/bearable im/permanence, 2019

variable size
mirror foil, motors, LED spots
commisioned by:
OK Klubinstitut im OÖ Kulturquartier

The former chapel of the Ursuline monastery features an un- agitated, almost objective choreography of mirror foil, light reflections and movement.
Aiming to hone our perception, the artist turns the gaze and the act of looking into an inherent aspect of his topos. In the process, the space becomes itself a tangible field of tension. Ephemeral materials, motion loops, and light reflections play an important role in linking the dimensions of space and time. Interdisciplinarity and complex layers are the main characteristics of Gerald Moser’s integral works. His project-specific identity shifts from artist to curator to exhibition designer, explaining his focus on a light-footed dialogue between genres

*1977 in Steyr (AT),
lives and works in Vienna.

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