Jeremy Deller - World

History of the World, 1997-2004 / 2019

wall painting
approx. 4 ✕ 2 m, site-specific adaptation, paint, black light

Jeremy Deller’s wall painting shows how post-industrial Acid House music from the 1980s bears a number of similarities with the brass bands that emerged in the days of rampant industria- lization in the mid-nineteenth century. In the tension-fraught realm of sociopolitical counter-movements, people react to gre- at upheavals and overwrought, unjust social systems by making their own kind of music, a soundtrack for protest.

Jeremy Deller’s text-based work gives us an insight into the complex interrelationships between music and society, and de- monstrates how the development of Techno clubs is an indelible part of Britain’s more recent history.

*1966 in London (UK),
lives and works there.

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