Jeremy Deller - Britain

Everybody in the Place:
An Incomplete History of Britain, 1984 - 1992 / 2018

61′35″, Sound, Loop

This video documentary traces Jeremy Deller’s years of investigating the roots of protest in music and club culture and gives us an idea of how and why the losers of the post-industrial age danced their way through the underground. As a guest teacher of a school class in London, the artist introduces young people to a chapter of modern British history between 1984 and 1992 – through videos, photos, stories, and an electronic music workshop. In the process, he illuminates links between the miners’ strikes and the development of the subculture of Acid House and sound systems with their free-tech parties in abandoned factories or in the open air. He thus encourages the pupils to reflect on the present day and the society they live in.

*1966 in London (UK),
lives and works there.

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