Miriam Hamann

Dark room, 2019

light installation
metal construction, steel cables, LED strips, electronics
400 ✕ 460 cm
commissioned by:
OK Klubinstitut im OÖ Kulturquartier

High above the OK square, Miriam Hamann has created a site-specific light installation she calls Dark room. A cylinder is formed from 24 light strips, its rounded geometry contrasting with the rectangular architecture of the voestalpine open space. The oscillating lights shining outwards create an immaterial interior space. This becomes the Dark room, an unilluminated volume summoning thoughts of the invisible and the unknown. Miriam Hamann’s artistic practice focuses on investigating immaterial elements such as sound or light by way of spatial installations.

*1986 in Wels (AT),
lives and works in Berlin, Linz and Vienna.

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