Sebastian Szary

Backstage Tristesse, 2015

8 photo prints on Alu Dibond
40 ✕ 60 cm

Eight wistful, beautiful pictorial documents of backstage rooms that Sebastian Szary photographed during a concert tour with his band Moderat. “Backstage” is a magical place for fans all over the world. Once you’ve entered, you have the feeling of being a VIP, of being one with your favorite star. But music artists look at the normally inaccessible backstage area in a different way, because they have to spend so much time there. It’s always the same setting, with only the brands of beer changing from country to country. These photos document the lives of musicians on tour in a fascinatingly surreal way. Sebastian Szary is a member of the bands Moderat and Modeselektor who photographed striking backstage spaces while on tour and published them in a book.

*1975 Rüdersdorf bei Berlin (DE),
lives and works there.
modeselektor.com , monkeytownrecords.com

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