Yarema Malashchuk & Roman Himey

Dedicated To The Youth Of The World 2, 2019

Video-Installation 8′45″, Sound, Loop

In the video documentary on Cxema, the biggest techno rave in Ukraine, filmmakers Yarema Malashchuk & Roman Himey accompany Kiev’s youth on their escape from everyday life – all through the night, until the morning after.

Guided by the music of Stanislav Tolkachev, the spectator becomes one with the dancing masses and simultaneously experiences the feeling of modern alienation. At the end, the characters in the film don’t seem ready to embrace the new day and return to ordinary reality again.

As artists and filmmakers, Yarema Malashchuk and Roman Himey explore the crowd as a figure in its own right in history and culture.

Yarema Malashchuk *1993 & Roman Himey *1992 in Kolomyya (UA),
live and work in Kiew.

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